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About The Amigo's

Founded in 2019, our core group of amigos found a bond that seemed truer than life. This burrito bond has allowed our group to create content and travel worldwide to exquisite restaurant locations that only produce the finest Mexican cuisine, specifically burritos. Our core group roams the lands of beautiful Southern and Northern California, though we have covered locations far and between like the coasts of Mexico and Bali. Follow our journey as we rate burritos on a 10 point scale and only relay our genuine opinions.

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We welcome all collaborations. Whether you're a restaurant owner or a fellow foodie, we would love to hear your ideas. We'll roll our sleeves and decide whether we'll be joining you at your location, or if we should get our writers together and write a brilliant content piece on the next best burrito. Photographers, Videogrpaher's, social strategist's and content writers  remain our core. We'd be happy to work with you!

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